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ur goal is to provide you with a product that you will enjoy for years to come. Glass however, is a fragile product and can break without even touching it. Mirrors can and do fall from walls, table tops get bumped and break, windows are broken and lose their seal, shower doors have been known to explode in the middle of the night and retail stores are broken into and need emergency security in place. At Tanner Glass we understand these issues and whether we are replacing glass or providing new, we strive to make the experience one that you will be pleased with and feel that you were treated with honesty especially in those vulnerable situations.
We treat each job as if it were the most important and hope that we convey that in our customer service to you. So the next time you need glass, whether it be a new window or a whole house of windows, table top glass, back painted glass, laminated glass, a new shower door, framed mirrors, beveled mirrors, wardrobe mirrored doors or picture glass let us be the one to take care of you.

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